We believe in establishing a strong and long-term relationship with our client. We consider “business is a bi product, relationship is important”. We are one of the top growing companies in this part of India. We already served many clients in 7+ countries. We are here for a long run and become a trusted partner in growth.

Our well trained & educated professionals are dedicated to write a code using proper standards. We make sure that applications meet the scope agree by client with 100% accuracy and seamless performance. Every project goes through a suitable QA process

TechAbbot promises

  • First week of services completely free. If you like the work, you can pay.
  • NDA & Contract to ensure confidentiality & success.
  • Free continuous Techo-Managerial Consultancy from managers.
  • Clear reports on Daily Work done.
  • Regular demos with the client-side stakeholders.
  • 100% projects delivery within given time & budget.

We sign SoW, NDA and all required contracts by you. Our fully time employees work dedicatedly on your project. Employees & Consultants are bound with the strict company policies about confidentiality and Non-Disclosure clauses. We consciously keep eyes on our internet usage and content accessed. Employees only work on hardware provided by company.

Our pricing is based on long term relationship with our customers. We aim to give them maximum benefits. We assess price based on work nature, minimum contract duration and number of developers hired.

We have our own development center in Ahmedabad, India. Our teams are divided into in-house and remote locations as well.

Yes, you will. All project related work and documents created by out team are solely owned by you. All the intellectual rights remain with you.

We provide a week of free service to make sure that you are satisfied with our developers. Yes, we will replace the developer if we see that there is really some performance issue from developer’s end.

Yes 100%. If you hire a full-time developer from us, he/she will work fill time (8 hours a day, 5 days a week) only on you project.

We are accountable for completing a fixed cost project in given timeline. If its our limitation, nothing counts on our client. We will take quick actions to complete it as soon as possible.

Yes, all our developers can communicate in English.

We provide free Techno-managerial consultation if you hired a team of dedicated developers from us. Our project manager will keep in touch with you continuously to get your feedback about our services.

Yes, we do. Specially, this may be useful in initial stage of project understanding and final deployment. In any case where our teams need to work on site, we make it clear with our clients about location, our team’s safety maintaining day to day activities and pre-decided rates.

Our developers will send you DSR (Daily Status Report). We arrange regular client meetings and demo to showcase the project progress. Our Project Manager will get in touch with you on regular time intervals.

TechAbbot always welcomes you to try our software development services. While our Project Managers & Analysts will try to help in analyzing your idea, our developers will work on your Pilot Project / Research work. We have always succeeded in maintaining a good relationship with clients and most of them have converted in Full Time Development. We aim to complete MVP in 2-4 weeks.

Yes. Our developers can follow your coding standards and SOPs in your favor.

Yes, you can do it anytime and provide feedback to our developers.

Yes. You can bring whatever assets and information you have. Our experts will analyze and re-write the same software application using the latest technology. You can even make changes while we are rewriting it.

To hire a dedicate team, contact our experts now.

We provide the first week of free Service. You can pay only if you like the work.