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What is Angular?

Angular is a modern MVVC framework and platform that is used to build enterprise Single-page Web Applications (or SPAs) using HTML and TypeScript. Angular is written in TypeScript. It implements core and optional functionality as a set of TypeScript libraries that you import into your apps. Angular is an opinionated framework which means that it specifies a certain style and certain rules that developers need to follow and adhere to while developing apps with Angular, therefore you need to learn Angular and the various components that make up an Angular app.

Angular vs AngularJS

A lot of beginners get confused with so many different versions out there for the same framework. You must have heard AngularJS, Angular 2, Angular 4, Angular 5, Angular 6 and now Angular 7. Well, in reality, there are two different frameworks - AngularJS and Angular.

AngularJS is the JavaScript-based web development framework which was first released in 2010 and is maintained by Google. Later, in September 2016, Angular 2 was announced which was a complete rewrite of the whole framework using TypeScript, a super-set language of JavaScript.

Since modern browsers (as of now) do not understand TypeScript, a TS compiler or transpiler is required to convert the TS code to regular JS code.

We Offer Angular Developers On A Full-Time And Part-Time Basis.

Angular development has a wide concept, and our Angular developers understand every piece and bit of it. So, hire Angular developers for highly skilled, cost-effective, simple to use, data-driven results, and interactive web applications.

Our Angular Developers are highly reliable and they can work on variety of Angular Applications.

Our Angular Developer's Expertise

Let’s take a deep dive into the benefits of hiring Angular developers and programmers from TechAbbot.

Angular Android Application Development

Our team of dedicated Angular developers hold the experience and expertise to work with the latest trends and technologies to build the most fluid, faultless, user-friendly and scalable Angular mobile applications.

Angular Web App Design & UI / UX

Our Angular developers provide stunning and aesthetic UI/UX development. We develop Angular development with an outstanding UI/UX development service and deliver rapidly. In addition, we have provided a real-time user experience in Angular UI/UX development.

Angular App Maintenance & Support

We provide AngularJS support and maintenance that goes through the entire development service to check the application is bug-free and impeccable.

Android App Upgrade

Hire dedicated Android developers to update and enhance your old Android mobile application to make it more browsable for different versions of Android operating systems.

Application Migration

If you have an existing mobile application and want to migrate it to the Android operating system, you can hire android developers from our app development team. They will make sure you own a feature-rich android application using the latest development trends and technologies.

Mobile App Development Consultation

Still, confused about whether you need android app development or if your app idea is good enough to convert into a working solution? Our android developers have answers for all of them.

Android Java to Kotlin Migration

If you have an existing mobile application written in Java and want to migrate it to the latest Android Kotlin programming language, you can hire android developers from our app development team.

Get your mobile app ready with our skilled and seasoned Android developers. We let you hire Android developers India who are highly qualified and experienced in writing Android mobile apps, so that you can remain one step ahead of your competitors.

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